We strive to create healthier futures for generations to come

We aim to create healthier futures for generations to come, by amplifying innovation, collaboration and support concrete actions to improve the lives of people in vulnerable communities

Foundation S-The Sanofi Collective was launched by Sanofi in May 2022 with the aim to Improve the lives of vulnerable populations by catalyzing community–based solutions and expanding access to medicines. To do this, Foundation S has committed to three priority areas, including, Childhood Cancer, Climate Change and Its Impact on Health, and Humanitarian Relief. 
We are confident in the areas that have been prioritized yet we recognize the magnitude of each issue and the strength in working together. 
While Foundation S will focus on areas where it can add the greatest value – supporting communities adapt to climate change and overcoming emergency crisis, it will be collective action and collaboration that we will make the greatest impact. 
From its inception, Foundation S was based on a “Think & Do Tank” philosophy.  

  • The “Think Tank” signifies the organization’s commitment to working with the right partners to address the greatest health gaps while. 

  • the “Do Tank” denotes the organization’s actions and commitment to address those gaps through program funding, collaboration and the mobilization of Sanofi’s employees- to serve organizations around the world.

Foundation S will also serve as a medium-term social incubator for innovative public health projects in our key areas, enabling deployment on a larger scale. These projects will be supported by both financial and human resources.

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Video recap of the launch of Foundation S

Vanina Laurent-Ledru,
Head of Foundation S

"We cannot change the world on our own – intelligence of the heart can only be collective. The launch of Foundation S is the culmination of joint ideas and forces. Collaborating with diverse and multicultural partners and our people, the Sanofi Collective combines our energy and expertise to deepen our impact for communities in need."