Our Board

Frédéric Oudéa

President, Foundation S

Paul Hudson

Member of the Board, Foundation S

Josep Catllà

Secretary General of the Board, Foundation S

The Foundation S Team

Vanina Laurent-Ledru

Head of Foundation S

Vanina Laurent-Ledru is a purpose-driven leader with a demonstrated track record in bringing health innovation closer to patients and vulnerable populations.

Daouda Diouf

Head of Climate Action and Health Resilience

Daouda is involved in supporting vulnerable populations to adapt and build resilience against the health impact of climate change.

Maryam Hassimi

Head of Strategic Initiatives and Operations

Maryam is the Head of Strategic Initiatives & Operations at Foundation S. Committed to serving patients and underserved populations globally, Maryam joined Sanofi in 2012 leading different roles across public affairs and global health policy.

Aurélien Hubert

Head of Humanitarian Aid & Medicine Donations

Aurelien is the Head of Humanitarian Aid & Medicine Donations. To this end, he works both with internal partners and in tandem with external partners to ensure vulnerable and/or displaced populations have access to medicines and vaccines. Aurélien is also our Head of Finance.

Isabelle Villadary

Head of Childhood Cancer

Isabelle Villadary is passionately committed to ensuring that the patient is at the center of the healthcare system.

Philippe Neau

Head of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Philippe is Head of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) at Foundation S. Passionate about providing innovative therapies to vulnerable communities, he drives Foundation S’ NTD Program strategy which focuses specifically on eliminating Sleeping Sickness by 2030, a lofty challenge set by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) NTD roadmap.

Past President

Serge Weinberg

Past President of Foundation S