Isabelle Villadary

Head of Childhood Cancer

Isabelle Villadary is passionately committed to ensuring that the patient is at the center of the healthcare system.

As the Director of the Childhood Cancer Program at Foundation S, Isabelle works to ensure that every child who lives with cancer has the same chance of survival no matter where they live in the world.

Previously, Isabelle was responsible for the malaria and tuberculosis programs within the Global Health Department, where she designed and implemented strategic plans aimed at improving access to treatment for patients infected with one of these two diseases in the poorest countries.

As a public health specialist and epidemiologist, evaluation is central to her approach to programs. Isabelle enjoys working in a multicultural and multi-experienced environment, which feeds her curiosity and her passion to understand other perspectives. She has experience in NGOS and across the public and private sectors, which has allowed her to develop her agility in improving patient journeys.