Juliette Magd

Grants & Partnerships Excellence Lead

Juliette is responsible for managing Foundation S’s grantees and partners across commitment areas.

Trained as a lawyer, Juliette began her career in the insurance sector and joined Sanofi in 2011 where she held various roles, in insurance to negotiate and manage key contracts for the group, in competitive intelligence to structure the business and implement intelligence plans tailored to the needs of each stakeholder, and within Partnering as Innovation Ecosystem Director to build and implement a strategic roadmap for Partnering's innovation ecosystem initiatives.​

In 2019, a field trip to Bangladesh with the NGO Friendship opened her eyes to the importance of healthcare access for vulnerable populations, as well as the impact of climate change, and changed her vision for the next phase in her career. Juliette has held various missions in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and joined Foundation S in November 2023.