Maryam Hassimi

Head of Strategic Initiatives and Operations

Maryam is the Head of Strategic Initiatives & Operations at Foundation S. Committed to serving patients and underserved populations globally, Maryam joined Sanofi in 2012 leading different roles across public affairs and global health policy. Prior to joining Sanofi, Maryam lived in Geneva, Switzerland, where she worked at the World Economic Forum (WEF) leading key global health initiatives and supporting WEF’s South Asia/India Team. Prior to moving to Europe, Maryam worked at Pfizer in New York City, where she led US community based advocacy programs and focused on international affairs and key policy topics.

Maryam has lived and studied in Japan, India, Israel, and Kenya and over her career, she has worked at the grassroots level to support communities to gain access to healthcare and education in countries such as Kenya, Nicaragua and India.