Vanina Laurent-Ledru

Director General of Foundation S

As Director General of Foundation S, Vanina is a leading voice on public/private/philanthropic partnerships, climate change and health, and health equity. She is a passionate advocate for the importance of health for stability, security and reducing inequality.
At the forefront of her endeavors lies an unwavering dedication to ensuring healthcare accessibility for underserved communities, where Vanina orchestrates dialogues to place local communities at the heart of decision making for health solutions. She has also contributed to various diversity and inclusion initiatives and established women’s empowerment networks in France and the US. 
A lawyer by training, Vanina has held leadership roles at SPMSD, Merck/MSD, Gavi the global vaccine alliance, and board tenures at CSR Europe, Vaccines Europe, the Partnership for Quality Medicines Donations and TULIPE, as well as co-chairing the Health Working Group for OECD Development.
Vanina has featured in Newsweek, Politico and Reuters, and has spoken at major summits around the globe, including on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York and most recently at COP28 in Dubai. She is also teaching at Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs.