We strive to create healthier futures for generations to come

We are driven by singular purpose, to improve the lives of vulnerable communities by focusing on locally led programs, supporting community-based ideas, and mobilizing collective action.

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Foundation S: Time to Adapt

UN General Assembly, New York, NY

Foundation S joins global leaders at the UN General Assembly in New York to collectively discuss the state of the planet and its impact on the health of humanity. The climate crisis poses the most significant threat to human health in the 21st century, with the World Health Organization estimating that unabated climate change could lead to 250,000 excess deaths per year from 2030 to 2050. But we must now think beyond mitigation efforts to adaptation initiatives to build resilience for the communities impacted today. Because climate change is not the future – it is now. 

Live stream registration for UNGA Event

Time to Adapt - Accelerating Climate Adaptation for Health Equity
New York - on the 20th of September - 9:00-10:00 EST, 3-4 pm CET

Working in collaboration with Africa-Europe Foundation and Foreign Policy, join global leaders and climate experts at this UNGA side event that will spotlight the health challenges posed by climate change and  provide options to support climate adaptation in order to strengthen health equity. Register for this in-person and live streamed event here: Time To Adapt – Foreign Policy

Time to Adapt Action Report

"The Action Report released today highlights the critical importance of putting local communities at the centre of decision making and solutions as we seek to build the necessary resilience to climate change. Our ambition is to advance bold thinking around climate change adaptation, and to fuel continuous learning and improvement as we work towards equitable and inclusive solutions. The time for action is now”. – Professor Alan Dangour, Director of Comate and Health, Wellcome Trust, and Foundation S Climate Council member



Catalyzing Solutions for Community Action

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Catalyzing Solutions for Community Action

As the world continues to evolve and modernize, vulnerable populations still struggle for equitable access to healthcare.

Today, an estimated 2.5 billion people have limited access to quality healthcare and the number is expected to increase as the worlds’ population will approach 8.5 billion by 2030.  It’s time we re-evaluate our partnership with society and rethink how we approach philanthropy.

Foundation S-The Sanofi Collective was launched by Sanofi in May 2022 with the aim to improve the lives of vulnerable populations by catalyzing community–based solutions and expanding access to medicines. We are committed to four priority areas: childhood cancer, climate change and its impact on health, neglected tropical diseases and humanitarian relief.  But we can’t do it alone.

We believe that through collective action and collaboration, Foundation S can have the greatest impact to help communities around the world. And our Think and Do Tank philosophy is our road map.

  • The “Think Tank” signifies our commitment to work with the right partners to address the greatest health gaps with innovative and transformative ideas.
  • The “Do Tank” turns the ideas into actions, supporting tangible solutions through program funding, cross-sector collaboration and the mobilization of Sanofi’s employees around the world.  

Sustainable impact can only be achieved by working with local communities and strengthening local infrastructure and capacity. Foundations S will also serve as a medium-term incubator for innovative community ideas and projects that align with one of our key commitment areas.

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Foundation S

A new beginning for change or Reimagining Philanthropy.

Vanina Laurent-Ledru, Head of Foundation S

"We cannot change the world on our own – intelligence of the heart can only be collective. The launch of Foundation S is the culmination of joint ideas and forces. Collaborating with diverse and multicultural partners and our people, the Sanofi Collective combines our energy and expertise to deepen our impact for communities in need."

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